Ahojte! I’ve been here for a couple of days and I have to tell you I couldn’t be happier. My first host family is pure gold, they really treat me like one of their own and make it feel like home for me. I’ve already seen quite a part of the country and it is beautiful! I feel like I’m saying “wow” and “amazing” at least 20x per day. There is so much to see and driving from one town to the other feels everytime like a little roadtrip because the countryside is that stunning!

A lot has happened in that one week that I’ve been here. I’ve already been to so many beautiful places!  You can imagine that Nova Scotia has a lot of great beaches!

We went to Halifax to celebrate my host sister’s Madi’s birthday the other day. I love the city!

And I had Poutine for the first time, which is basically french fries with gravy and cheese curds. Sounds strange but tastes like heaven! Also they have this thing called beaver tail which is some kind of sweet dough in the shape of a beaver tail with various toppings.

I’m still enjoying my holidays as school doesn’t start before the 6th of september here so my host family and I still have lots of things planned. Bye for now✌🏻

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